Specialty Info and Entry Dutch Whippet Club 2015

At the 15th of February the Nederlandse Whippetclub will organise her annual Championship show for Whippets and Italian Greyhounds. Mr. Bart Scheerens (B) well know breeder of Boxing HELENA's Whippets & Cirneco dell Etna and co owner/breeder of Devils Pigeons Italian Greyhounds is invited to judge both breeds.

Best Bitch & Best Dog of both breeds will receive a double CAC (if enough entrees)

The show will be located in Beusichem, Rijsbosch 3, 4112 MB Beusichem.

Online entree available now at


If you find any language problems making the entree please let us know by PM or email penningmeester.nwc@gmail.com. We can also sent you a pdf entree form

it's possible to enter in:
· Babyklas (4-6 months)
· Puppyklas(6-9 months)
· Jeugdklas(youth) (9 - 18 months)
· Jonge honden klas(intermediate) (15 - 24 months)
· Open klas (starting at 15 months)
· Gebruikshonden klas (working) (with working certificate)
· Kampioensklas (champion) (aproved champion in a FCI
· Veteranen klas (Veterans) (starting at 8 years of age)
· Fokkers klas (breeders) (starting at 9 months of age, bred
by the owner)
· Fokkerij klas (Breeders group) (min 3, max 5 dogs of the
same breed and the same breeder)
· Koppel klas (Brace) (dog & bitch of the same owner)
· Nakomelingen klas (progency) (dog and/or bitch with min 3,
max 5 first generation progency)

Inschrijf gelden (entree fee)
Babyklas: Gratis (free)
Puppyklas: €17,50 per hond
Overige klassen(all other classes)
1ste hond (first entree) €30,00 per hond
2de en volgende honden (all extra entrees) €27,50 per hond

entree can be payed to:

Nederlandse Whippet Club
IBAN: NL84 RABO 0115 5656 04

or cash at the show (no cards)

PDF entrees or email entrees can be sent to
Secretariaat KCM
Lang Hout 5
5993 RC Maasbree