Dear Int'l Dogazine members and people visiting the Amsterdam Winner & Holland Cup show 2017:
Together with www.freezlab.nl we give away 10 x 1 free session for a whole body cryotherapy session at FREEZLAB Amsterdam.
All you have to do is like the Int'l Dogazine page, this post and share this post on your wall.
One week before the Winner show we send the winners of the free session a PM.
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Reset your body in 3 minutes with cryotherapy:
Would you like to get rid of minor ailments? Strengthen your immune system? Or improve your look? Come to Freezlab and experience the thrill of cryotherapy. You will spend 3 minutes in a Whole Body Cryo chamber at a temperature of -110°C. The cold treatment has an unprecedented number of effects. Come and experience it yourself! 

A perfect start of your show weekend or to relax and recharge after the show !!!

Tony Groenendijk The Int'l Dogazine &