40 years Krylataja Ljoebov Borzois

Anita Gielisse - Krylataja Ljoebov Borzois

 Multi Champion Boldareff Krylataja Ljoebov

The First Krylataja Ljoebov Champion, Boldareff finished his title at exactly 27 months and is the sire of multi Ch.Ljudmilla. Notice his beautiful head and can still be found in the current Krylataja Ljoebov dogs.

Multi Champion Ljudmila Krylataja Ljoebov 
Multi Champion Seabury's Damon

Multi Ch. Ljoebovkaya Krylatja Loebov

Multi Champion Seabury's Delightful lancer

*How many champions are bred and/or owned by Krylataja Ljoebov?

47 of my borzois have a champion title, and 45 with are DUTCH champions and most of these dogs also have the title International champion and/or German, Belgian and or Luxembourg champion. From these dogs, Ljudmilla's Dunja Krylataja Ljoebov and Ljudmilla's Akim Krylataja Loebov were exported to the Unites States and became American and Canadian Champion. And Akim also became a BEST IN SPECIALTY winner (possibly the only Dutch bred borzoi who ever won this).

From the 47 champions, 27 are bred by us (Krylataja Ljoebov).

multi Champion Ljoebov Kirov Krylataja Ljoebov

Can you name some of the dogs you owned that are most special for you?

Impossible to name just one cause all my dogs are special to me but let me name some of them:

The first one is my bitch multi Champion Ljudmilla Krylataja Ljoebov, in my opinion one of thebest borzois and very close to the standard, the same for her daughter multi Ch. Ljoebovkaya Krylataja Ljoebov and great granddaughter multi Ch. Tucha Raisa Krylataja Ljoebov, a wonderful bitch in a different colour but with the same beautiful breed type and quality.

And in males I would like to mention multi Ch. Seabury's Konstantinov, multi Ch. Seabury's Delightful Lancer, multi Ch. Seabury's Damon, multi Ch. Laba's Vlasov en his sire
Ch. Ljudmilla's Akim Krylataja Ljoebov, multi Ch. Ljoebov Kirov Krylataja Ljoebov and multi Ch. Bugor Krylataja Ljoebov.

Multi Champion Bugor Krylataja Ljoebov

Ch. Bugor Krylataja Ljoebov and his mother Ch. Seaburys Celtic Dance

Ch. Seabury's Konstantinov and Ch. Ljubka Golubka Krylataja Ljoebov

All these dogs are very special too me, not only because of their looks, type and exellent Borzoi movement but also with lovely temperaments.

Multi Champion Seabury's Konstantinov

*With so many fantastic wins and titles can you name some special wins?

My most special win is the DOG OF THE YEAR SHOW 1987 with my multi Ch. Seabury's Delightful Lancer , Lancer won BEST IN SHOW at the age of 10 years !!! 

And BEST IN SHOW at the same show in 2010 with multi Ch. Bugor Kryataja Lljoebov (A Lancer great grandson)

My dogs  also won several times Best in FCI group 10 at the same DOG OF THE YEAR SHOW. And  several Krylataja Ljoebov borzois won the prestiges title (junior) WORLD champion. Another very special win was winning BEST OF BREED and BEST IN GROUP 3 Crufts 2005 with Konstantinov.

And to receive the news that a Krylataja Ljoebov male won the specialty in America was amazing and I believe that Akim is the only Dutch bred borzoi to win that specialty and not only that, Akim can be found in many pedigrees of top winning borzois worldwide. And the many Amsterdam Winner and junior Winner titles, other group wins and placements and the Best in Show at all breed or specialty shows are always something to remember.

Ch. Konstantinov

A proud owned with one of her top winning Borzois.

* Can you tell us wich breeds (groups) you judge?

I became a judge in 1980 and my first breed was: THE BORZOI

Group judge FCI groups:  4 - 5 - 10

Also BEST IN SHOW judge.

And judge for the breeds listed below:

FCI Group 1        All British Shepherd breeds.
                            All Australian Shepherd breeds.
                            German Shepherd and Swiss White Shepherd

FCI Group 2    Affenpinchers
                        All Schnauzers

FCI Group 3         Airedale Terrier
                             Bedlington Terrier
                             Border Terrier
                             Cairn Terrier
                             Dandie Dinmont Terier
                             Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier
                            Scottish Terrier
                            Yorkshire Terrier

FCI group 9    Chinese Cresteds Dog
                       All Poodles

Akim son, multi Champion Laba's Vlasov

Champion Golovka Tucha Krylataja Ljoebov

*From all your judging assignements can you name some of the "special" ones?

I really enjoy all of them but to judge the Borzoi specialty 1987 in Detroit USA with a record entry of 192 borzois was a wonderful experience. And judging at the famous Skokloster show in Sweden, judging BEST IN SHOW at the DOG OF THE YEAR SHOW Holland and now judging BEST IN SHOW at the biggest show in Holland the Amsterdam Winner show is an amazing experience and a GREAT honor.

*What do you think of the overall quality of the current borzois?

Sadly we see many very refined dogs lacking substance with very narrow heads and ditto muzzle NOT powerful at all. We also see Borzois with big ears and not the typical rose ears that should be small and fine in quality.

Movement should be that of effortless power, endurance, speed, agility, smoothness and grace. But many dogs move with short steps and no reach and drive. Toplines are still a problem and a topline like a that is not flexible is a big anatomic
fault and NOT typical for a borzoi. 

This is what the FCI standard says about the back : Broad, muscled, elastic, forming with the loin and croup a curve which is more pronounced in the males. The highest point of this curve is situated ahead of the middle of the loin or in the region of the 1st or 2nd lumbar vertebra. So no extreme bumps !!!

*Do you have something you would like to say to exhibitors, breeders and handlers?

First of all ENJOY your dog(s) not matter what. If they win or lose also very important is their well-being and health: coat, muscle condition AND mental condition. 

And try to look at the dogs with an objective view also to the dogs not owned by you or your friends. For the future of all breeds it is important to BE HONEST and see the quality in OTHER nice dogs. And always remember that whatever the judge will say about your dog(s) you bring your dog(s) home and you should love them just as much, no matter what the results are. Do not see dogs as objects but as living creatures.

Ch. Tanjuscha van Troybhiko W'1976 the foundation bitch Krylataja Ljoebov and on the right her sister Ch. Tuschnaja Krylataja Ljoebov W'75.