We are back !!

It has been a bit quiet the last months but The Int'l Dogazine BLOG is BACK !!! The Int'l Dogazine facebook page with more than 10.000 members from ALL over the world is a big hit and every day many people still visit our BLOG so it is time for updates and news !!! I started the Int'l Dogazine more than 10 years ago (together with Henny vd. Berg) and for years this is the place for people to post: show news, young stars, veterans, club news/events, fun pictured etc. etc.

This is how it works join our Facebook Group The Int'l Dogazine.
and you can post your news just like you post news on your own FB page.

Want to see your news on our blog you can mail to Tony Groenendijk.

ALL news is welcome BUT puppies for sale posts are NOT allowed.

Would like to mention that the name DOGZINE has nothing to do with my page THE INT'l DOGAZINE.

Tony Groenendijk
The Int'l Dogazine